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Evie Aronson

Banyan Web (Tracey Olmoz)

Jonathon Bonner

Curious Moon Puppet Theatre (Reay Kaplan-Schloss)

Jason Cicci

Dancing Barefoot Productions (Sean Galuszka)

Joseph Clark

Dream Catcher Cabins (Karen Van Hoesen)

Craig Coogan

Gridley Records (Erin Hill)

Timothy Davis-Reed

KEF Productions (Adam Fitzgerald & Lori Prince)

Ethan Duff Monday Morning Productions
Meredith Hayman

Personal Space Theatrics (Nick Cotz, etc)

Gregory Horton

Pop Megahit Theatre Factory (John Anderson, etc)

Patrick Garrigan

Tapestry Theatre (Kelly Jennings)

Kim Gatewood

Theater at Monmouth (David Greenham)

Terese Genecco The Bobs (Amy Engelhardt)

Seth Greene

Karl Gregory
Kristie Salerno Kent

Joanie Leeds

Andrea Marshall-Money
Sean T. Morrissey
Cory Notrica
Milton-David November
Cory Pattak
Aaron Peabody
Steven Pimsler
Debra Russell

Ric Sechrest

Doug Shapiro
Marianne Lee Sierk
Deirdre Sinnott

Stephanie St. John
in Mimi Ferocious

Cassandra Stone

Samantha Turk

Martin Vreeland

Mark Wenderlich

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