Scholarship in Action is education that is not static or for its own sake, but the living expression of insights that incite change—one person at a time being moved to change lives, neighborhoods, and the world.

Equipped with a Syracuse University education, our graduates are well-prepared, active citizens with the drive, initiative, critical thinking skills, and imagination to become change agents of the future—empowered to make a real and lasting difference in their communities, their professions, and the global society in which they live.

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The Challenge
SUDO's Challenge to All Drama Alumni is this: There are a great number of drama alumni out in the world working, making a living, and making a difference. However, many of us are not sharing with the world our affiliation with Syracuse University. The Challenge is to get every drama alumus to publicly announce in some way that they are a proud alumnus of Syracuse University. Put it on your resumes, in your cover letters, in your program bios, in your press releases, and on your websites. Be sure to mention that you are a Syracuse Alum when being interviewed and include it in any other opportunity where you have the ability to tell the world about yourself. Being an Syracuse University Alumnus is part of who you are and part of who you have become.
The goal is to get as many alumni as possible to announce their status as being a Syracuse Univerity Alumus by next year's National Orange Day on March 24, 2011. We need to remind ourselves to show everyone we are proud to be SU Alumni. Part of Scholarship in Action is to promote Syracuse University so that the entire University developes a reputation equal to those of its individual parts. Syracuse University will be as renowned as its flagship schools and curricula. As global as its SU Abroad programs. More celebrated than its athletic teams. As Drama Alumni, we can help achieve this reputation. We work in an industry that by nature is prominantly in the public view. With one small gesture from each of us, we can spread the name of Syracuse University to limitless places where we are living and working.
Please take on this challenge to help spread the name and reputation of your alma mater.

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